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Ceiling fan make over.

I've been so inspired by the different ceiling fan treatments that I had to go for it. It was so easy. With 7 ceiling fans in our house I'm off to do #2.
1 blade off
1 blade off
Fabric and mod podge
Fabric and mod podge

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2 questions
  • Marjorie merchant
    on Jul 18, 2016

    How do you clean the one you put fabric on it. Mine get so dusty.

    • Jessica Serrano-Gregg
      on Aug 6, 2016

      I was thinking the same thing... It's like the fan blades actually attract dirt and dust bunnies. I would have no idea how to clean this. I was thinking however instead of fabric if one was to actually try this, maybe those cheap vinyl table clothes would work so much better than fabric because you could actually just vacuum and wipe off? Or maybe if you used fabric, add clear vinyl over it to protect it but I would think it would look kinda tacky kinda like grandmas furniture from the 70's covered in plastic lol! Burlap would be kinda neat and rustic but there again, you'd have to make them removable for washing or cover with vinyl. I don't think covering a fan blade of any kind with fabric is going to last long at all, well, not for me anyways, maybe she has a super clean house with a central air purifier or dust and dirt air scrubber and lives where there's not a lot of dust? Lucky her! I guess one would have to clean them almost everyday if you really wanted to use fabric or just LOVE to clean everyday! I'm sure there's a reason why it works for her, wish I knew the secret! Maybe she use a fabric sealer of some kind, like a poly acrylic or heck, maybe even modge podge for fabric? I'm thinking that's how?

    • Marjorie merchant
      on Aug 6, 2016

      Thanks, I have a central air purifier and still gets dust. But thanks for trying but I guess I'll just have to leave them as is. Thanks again

    • Sus Sterling
      on Dec 27, 2016

      Make them to fit with Velcro to close and then take them off and wash them!

    • Tricia
      on Mar 31, 2017

      In the past I have used stencils, I have also used velcro dots. I have bought (premade or make them yourself) burlap flowers or bows. Then when you want to switch out for a holiday you can.

    • Vickie Reed
      on Apr 25, 2017

      Why not add a clear coat to the fabrics so you can just wipe it off like you do the fan blades before you cover them.
    • Sharon Gray
      on Jul 8, 2017

      You can purchase fabric that is coated. This is used to make rain coats and ponchos. I got some years ago to make my granddaughter a rain cape. It worked out beautifully. To clean it you just have to wipe it down. I am going to put this on the fan blades. Thanks for the great idea.
    • Nancy S.
      on Sep 7, 2017

      Why not use a lint roller to collect dust off the blades.
    • Kay
      on Sep 7, 2017

      You can use the mod poge to water proof the fabric. I've done it to make shelf liners and it wipes up beautifully
      on Jun 11, 2018

      If you have a fan in the kitchen, they not only get dusty, they get greasy from cooking. So you can't just dust it. You'll need to de-grease them. So if you put fabric on it you will need to seal it somehow. I would like to know also if the fabric and modpodge works on the motor?

    • Lisa Marie Davenport Potts
      on Feb 25, 2019

      Modge podge just wet wipes clean. I would cover whole blade in fabric- top and bottom- then modge podge over it. The DIY citus degreaser they show on here to clean ovens works wonderfully. Wipe down 1X a month in the kitchen. Other fan blades in your home won't have a grease problem. Weekly dusting- then a quick vacuum of the floor will keep them from getting bad.

  • Wilma Turcotte
    on Sep 7, 2017

    Does the weight of the fabric make the motor work harder to turn thus wearing out sooner? Thanks

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  • Mary
    on Apr 28, 2017

    As women we need to be supportive of each other. Kudos for creativity ladies!
  • Debby
    on Jan 28, 2019

    I used cut outs from leftover wallpaper in my bar area to upscale the blades on my cheap ceiling fan.

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