How can I make this tree totem into something v beautiful

q how can i make this tree totem into something v beautiful
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  • Donald W. Herron Donald W. Herron on Sep 26, 2017
    If your weather permits tropicals, this would make an excellent platform to attach several staghorn ferns as well as various air plants.
    • Johanna Johanna on Sep 27, 2017
       That's a great idea I did thank of vanishing it to bring out the wood even more and planting into made pockets with rock plants or creepers.
  • Pj Pj on Sep 26, 2017
    put a face on it, dress it up to look like a person, it almost does. add accessories like pocket book , tennis racket or whatever your nitch it.
    or make it look like a gardener holding a plant as suggested earlier

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    • 861650 861650 on Oct 02, 2017
      Immediately I thought of a person...Maybe a hitch hiker! Or, it could be a funny face with the remaining limb being the nose...but she wants something beautiful. I can feel those wheel a'turning. LOL!
  • Annette Sausser Annette Sausser on Sep 26, 2017
    Why not make a fairy garden??? The tree would be a great hotel!!! I can see fairy and small coons hanging out on the limb too LOL! Then surround the totem with a small garden.
  • Djs30654892 Djs30654892 on Sep 26, 2017
    turn it into an elf house or gnome house. put a roof on top with scrap wood or metal, add a faux door,windows. can also put some hanging basket hooks off the sides and hand some baskets or bird feeder. add some fun colors, just have some fun, can change it up for different seasons too.

    • Johanna Johanna on Sep 27, 2017
      Wow. Amazing. All these replys are just getting better and much more fun than just making it into a hanger for baskets. Thankyou.x
  • Ssh24483346 Ssh24483346 on Sep 26, 2017
    utilize each of the notches into a facial attribute to make several faces of animals or people with different expressions let the wood guide you.
    • Johanna Johanna on Sep 27, 2017
      Just another brilliant idea. I just might utilise all of these replys I have received. Sone thing new every couple of months. How my neighbours would be envious. Haha. Thankyour. X
  • Carmen Carmen on Sep 26, 2017
    I think you should hang pots with hanging flowers on the stumpy part of the tree where the limbs used to be. A bird house in the middle and the part that is sticking out you can put a terra cotta pot base for a bird feeder. I would make the pots from the big litre pop bottles. You cut the bottom and fill it with soil and plant flowers in them. Then you get some very heavy cord of some sort, attach it to the bottle bottoms on the sides and hang them. I had a picture for you, but I can't seem to attach it.
  • Susan Susan on Sep 26, 2017
    Yes, make it a farmer with potted plants , hanging plants an old garden tool added here and there. Make it a fun feature...please submit picture with finished project, I'd love to see it !!
  • SM SM on Sep 26, 2017
    How about a bottle tree. Look on line. But mix it up a bit by using vases instead of just bottles. Or make the face or faces on it and use bottles for hair. Seal the tops of the bottles to discourage insects.
  • Audrey Trubshaw Audrey Trubshaw on Sep 26, 2017
    We had a dying maple, started cutting it down and decided to stop at this point and hang old birdhouses on it. Quite a conversation piece.
  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Sep 26, 2017
    Find a wood carver to carve I to a distinctive art piece.
  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Sep 26, 2017
    that was carver, not carve I...
  • Jessie Jessie on Sep 26, 2017
    I would paint it to look like a boot for the foot is there and then stack the bottom with dirt and plant some sedum or ground flower on the stacked dirt to hold it.
    • Pj Pj on Sep 26, 2017
      kind a like the old woman that had so many children with the shoe somany children she didn't know why to do
  • Martha Earles Martha Earles on Sep 26, 2017
    I was going to say the same thing that,Annette Sausser said ( fairy Garden) but I can also see a bunch of bird houses or Humming Bird feeders

  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Sep 26, 2017
    grow a beautiful creeper that provides a long period of flower up it and then let it cascade back down like a fountain. Perhaps once established you can intertwine some solar fairy lights.
  • Mccormackterrie Mccormackterrie on Sep 26, 2017
    Hang some solar string lights on it!
  • Lorraine Lorraine on Sep 27, 2017
    We bought a house that had a cut tree, that they stripped the bark off then wrapped chicken wire around all of it, and grew Clematis up it. It was gorgeous! You could put a mirrored gazing ball on top, just to give a little more ompf! The branch at the bottom you could even up the end and attach a bird feeder or bird bath, maybe hang a wind chime from it.
  • Sheila Sweet Sheila Sweet on Sep 27, 2017
    I also have a15 ft. Tall ash that needs a carver to make it a totem pole. I have had no luck finding anyone to do it. Any thoughts?

  • Johanna Johanna on Sep 27, 2017
    Awwww that's a shame about the picture but again another great idea. I've just bought a couple of new bird boxes and a load of really good bird seeds nuts etc so I could easily do that one. Thankyou so much.x
  • Johanna Johanna on Sep 27, 2017
    Thankyou everyone over the pond. Brilliant ideas. Love them all. Definately will be using most of them. Love from a mad about gardener in England. X
  • 16999903 16999903 on Sep 28, 2017
    LOVE the Bird House neighborhood idea! I tend to prefer things that have a purpose and not make it fussy. A large group of bird houses would take away the barren look of the tree. Working in a few hanging plants would be a definite plus!

  • 861650 861650 on Oct 02, 2017
    Just now found your post and the wheels are turning. I had to Google, "how to decorate a tall tree stump," and found many ideas. You gotta start somewhere
  • Pj Pj on Oct 03, 2017
    make it into a big beautiful watering can with lights coming out of the top mimicking water being poured out
    snow flakes depending upon the season

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