How to keep fabric shower curtain clean and free of mildew?

I tried vinegar but my family doesn't like its smell, I have to wash it everyweek but the mildew just keep coming back.

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  • Sam Sam on Sep 26, 2017
    The problem may boil down to poor ventilation in your bathroom. If you don't have a plastic liner, get one. Make sure the exhaust fan is adequate for the number of showers. Make sure the family all turn on the fan during and after every shower.
    • Lub30326321 Lub30326321 on Sep 26, 2017
      :( my kids and my hubby never do that I am the only one turning exhaust on and opening washroom window everytime, especialy if we are heading out .
  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Sep 26, 2017
    Are you using a heavy plastic liner behind it? Since you already have the mold in it, you could try washing it with bleach.... But you may have to start over with a new one, and use a plastic shower curtain behind it, to keep it from getting wet.
  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Sep 26, 2017
    Try a new fabric curtain with a plastic liner behind it.
  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 26, 2017
    I was my fabric Shower curtain liner once a month in the washing machine with white vinegar a little baking soda and some laundry detergent! I think the mildew is unfortunately inevitable because of the shower!
    • Lub30326321 Lub30326321 on Sep 26, 2017
      I did that too :( I used baking soda, vinegar and detergent plus I also put some towels with it but all in vain. Finally trying bleach before buying a new one :/
  • Sam Sam on Sep 26, 2017
    Mildew on the shower curtain is your "canary". Your bathroom is undoubtedly damp all the time. Eventually mold will find a home. Likely behind the sheetrock or in the ceiling or in the insulation in the attic space. Mold abatement is an expensive and disruptive affair. Perhaps your family would be more compliant if they understand the risks and the possibility of a gutted bathroom and all that entails. If you're heading out leave the fan on.
    • Lub30326321 Lub30326321 on Sep 26, 2017
      It is damp, number of showers in a day are 5 and everyone just has to leave it to me to clean :/ the silicone is also infected, may be thats the reason. I will fix the silicone first and will then post update.
  • Lub30326321 Lub30326321 on Sep 26, 2017
    Thanks a lot everyone for your tips :)
  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Sep 26, 2017
    Good luck!
  • Lisa Lane Lisa Lane on Feb 06, 2019

    Throw it in with wash!

  • Pati Pati on Jun 07, 2020

    I have a fabric shower curtain that seems to turn orangeish at bottom. I wash it monthly but doesnt completely come out. I leave curtain closed after shower..I wash tub weekly...why is this continues happening?

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