How difficult is it to change out plugs and switch plates to white

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  • Dee Gonyea Dee Gonyea on Sep 26, 2017
    The plates are easy, changing the plugs requires electrical work which is not difficult, but BE CAREFUL!

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 26, 2017
    Easy Peesy, my tip is when you take the wires off the old plug, pay attention to which wire went to which screw, I use colored tape to mark them. First, always turn off the power, plug in a radio or light, throw the breaker, and when it goes out your good to go or I just like to throw the breaker for the whole house. I get a bowl to put the screws in so I'm not hunting around on the floor.
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    • Sharon Sharon on Oct 11, 2017
      Just make sure to turn power off, plug a radio into the plug your gonna change and turn up loud, then start flipping switches at the box till radio goes off.
  • Emily Emily on Sep 26, 2017
    Do you mean a plug on a lamp? That too is not difficult, just cut it off and add the color you want. Most plugs are kind of clamp on, the plug itself has prongs that clamp onto the wire and then the plug thing goes into the cover. Of course the lamp must be unplugged!
  • Kristina Freeman Kristina Freeman on Sep 26, 2017
    its easy if you know what you are doing... just make sure breakers are turned off...if you can install a ceiling fan this is just as easy.
  • Nick Way Nick Way on Sep 26, 2017
    As Kristina says, it's easy as long as the power is turned off on the circuit the light switch or receptacle is on. Don't use three wire receptacles on old two wire ones(those will have a black and white wire but no uninsulated ground wire). For more detailed advice, Google your question.
  • Wanda Wanda on Sep 26, 2017
    You should hire a licensed contractor to do it for you. There is way more involved. If one switch or receptacle is not wired back correctly it will kill the whole circuit and you have to undo every one to find the one responsible. Way more complicated than it seems.
  • Mju30663946 Mju30663946 on Sep 26, 2017
    Very simply turn electricity off take out screws install new
  • Vee Vee on Sep 26, 2017
    youtube is great for stuff like this. Shows you exactly how, easily, and you can stop the playing of the vid as you go step by step so you won't electrocute yourself :D
  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Sep 26, 2017
    not difficult at all - just be sure the power is off then unscrew each one and follow instructions on the package