10 Ideal Hanging Basket Plants To Beautify The Front Of Your Home

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Hanging baskets can be more than just a beautiful way to brighten up the front of you home, they can also be a useful way to expand the space you have to grow food for yourself and your family. Here are some of the best edible hanging basket plants that can look wonderful as well as providing sustenance for your table:
1- Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most popular edible plants for hanging pots or baskets. There are plenty of hanging or trailing strawberries to choose from – small, alpine strawberries are particularly popular.
2-  Cherry Tomatoes

Any tumbling tomatoes are ideal hanging basket plants. Tomatoes of the right varieties will trail over the edge of your hanging container and provide a bountiful harvest. You can place three or four such plants around the edge of your hanging basket. At the center of the basket, you could consider sowing some basil – a great companion for tomatoes in the garden and on the plate.

One of the most attractive and useful flowers for hanging baskets is the nasturtium, which will form large, trailing plants with an abundance of flowers. Not only will nasturtiums look great, they will also add to your salads – the leaves and the flowers are edible. Then, when the plants go to seed, the seeds can be used as an alternative to capers.
4-  Thyme

Thyme is just one of the many herbs which are well suited to growing in hanging baskets. All of the Mediterranean herbs will do well in the well-drained environment of a hanging basket. Try rosemary, marjoram, oregano, basil and more. Herbs can be added easily to mixed arrangements can can help add flavor to your food throughout the summer months.
5-  Courgette

A large hanging basket will look wonderful when populated with a courgette (zuccini) plant. Not only will you get the large, yellow flowers but can also enjoy the abundant harvest when the time comes. Again, make sure that the container you have chosen is strong enough to take the weight as the plant grows.

Suggested materials:

  • Plants   (Wallmart)
  • Basket   (Suttons)
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