Asked on Sep 27, 2017

How to kill Perennial Bull Thistle growing in groundcover?

Nancy TurnerPegNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


Obviously I can't spray killer on it without killing the pachysandra and I am not able to dig it out. Yes, I've googled it! I would love to hear anyone who has fought this problem.....especially if you actually won the battle! Details, please.

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  • What about this? Just cut down to ground level?

  • Nancy Turner
    on Sep 27, 2017

    If I have one that I feel I won't be able to pull all of the root, I only do one thing. I cut it fairly close to the soil, then I paint the stump with Round Up. It will suck the solution down into the root to kill it. Thistle can be hard to kill, so it may take more than one application. This will not hurt your ground cover because you are painting the stump only, with no overspray and it will not get into the roots or foliage of the ground cover. I hope this works for you! Make sure that no thistle is allowed to flower and dry so that seeds will be released.
    • Nancy Turner
      on Sep 28, 2017

      I just use the kind that is ready to use, but I don't use it very much so it lasts me forever. I have both the regular kind and the kind that doesn't kill grass. Take it one area at a time, not all at once, and you will have it done in no time. Doing it one section at a time will make it easier to do it right and yet not stress or tire you out too bad. Just do a quarter to a third one day, another quarter to a third one day, and so forth. Put the round up only on a fresh cut, that way you will be assured it will penetrate as far as possible as quickly as possible. Get help and it will go faster. Get someone to cut it for you. I in general use the roundup for the weeds in the lawn that is safe for the lawns, but if you paint it on the stump, you could use whatever you want. You can do this, you can beat the thistle!
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