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Asked on Sep 27, 2017

How to protect walkout basement patio under deck from debris & rain?

Karen TokarseJanet PizaroMargie Spenser


5 answers
  • Linda Sikut
    on Sep 27, 2017

    Is there anything built above it? Most patio's that aren't enclosed get some degree of rain and debris. The only thing I can think of is to make sure there is a roof over it and install walls and screens on the front and sides. Even then, you're going to get a certain amount of rain unless you can extend the roof way beyond the patio itself. The nature of patios is that they are outside. Outside gets rain and debris.
  • D
    on Sep 27, 2017

    Plant some shrubs.
  • Margie Spenser
    on Sep 27, 2017

    She says it is under a deck.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Sep 27, 2017

    Is there anything to attache awnings to?
  • Karen Tokarse
    on Sep 28, 2017

    There's a product valled DRYBELOW that attaches under the deck, leaving the area dry underneath.
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