Asked on Sep 27, 2017

How can I fix deep gouges on a finished hard wood floor?

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  • Jewellmartin
    on Sep 27, 2017

    orYou have a real need for wood putty. If you are going to refinish the whole floor, sand it all over first. Then carefully fill the gouges with wood putty, as close to the color of the sanded wood as you can. You can even blend or tint the putty to get the right color. Lightly sand the new area, and refill if needed, sand, repeat if necessary. Give the putty a day to cure, if possible. Then stain the floor and seal it with at least two coats to help prevent future gouges. If you can use the floor protectors on the legs of heavy furniture, that would be very good. Best wishes 😇
  • D
    on Sep 27, 2017

    get one of those wax crayons that are tinted to color of floor. All hardware stores carry them.
  • Joanne Waylett
    on Sep 27, 2017

    i have used wood putty to fill gouges. Let dry well sand and touch up where you repaired with stain and varnish
  • Don28435183
    on Sep 27, 2017

    Plastic wood (I think it comes in a small tube) should work
  • Karen Tokarse
    on Sep 28, 2017

    Go to and order the SoftWax kit. It's a wax that you rub on the scratch/gouge like a crayon, wipe it off and buff it. You will REALLY like th FastCap web site. It is FULL of innovative ideas for McGuyver-types.
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