Don't Throw Out Your Old Toilet Paper Rolls Until You Try These Ideas

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Stunning!

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Materials: Toilet paper/paper towel tubes, flameless tea lights, cupcake liners, paint, hot glue, fishing wire

Step 2: Add drips of hot glue

Start from the bottom up to create that great globby drips at the bottom of the stream

Step 3: Once dried, paint the tube

You may have to apply several coats over the glue to make sure there aren't any streaks or chips

Step 4: Glue cupcake liner in roll's bottom

Apply small dabs of glue to keep it in place

Step 5: Poke 4 holes below drips around tube

Make sure that they are evenly spaced with sets of 2 being lined directly across from one another

Step 6: Feed fishing wire through the holes

The wire should through one hole and out the hole that is directly across from it

Step 8: Use the fishing wire to hang on wall

Don't worry- the wires are not visible in the dark

Next: Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Save your toilet paper rolls for this stunning project!

Step 1: Cut 1/2 inch sections of each roll

Cut them along the line making tiny circles

Step 2: Cut strip out of grocery bag

Make sure not to cut down the sides so you are left with 1 unbroken circle

Step 3: Glue strip to the bowl (use hot glue)

Use the bowl for a form, use hot glue to attach the 2 sides together creating a circle

Step 4: Begin gluing circles to the strip

Be sure to stick to circles onto the paper bag strip and not the bowl

Step 5: Continue gluing circles

You can get crazy with your design or keep it simple

Step 6: Done? Simply lift it off your bowl

Once you're happy with the size of your wreath, gently lift it off of the bowl

Step 7: Hang it on your door

Invite friends over to admire your beautiful wreath!

Next: Stylish Paper Lanterns from TP Rolls

No one will believe that you made these from toilet paper tubes!

Step 1: Grab some old magazines

You probably have a stack sitting in your recycling bin that would be perfect for this.

Step 2: Cut the pages into strips

You can use a paper cutter or a very steady hand with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Cut a toilet paper tube in half

If you want to make a few lanterns, cut up a longer paper towel tube.

Step 4: Glue the strips around one TP tube

Start with one part of toilet paper tube and glue the strips around it.

Step 5: Glue the strips to the other TP tube

Don't pull the paper too taut--you want to leave a little bit of a bulge.

Step 6: Press the ends towards each other

Press the toilet paper tube parts towards each other to create a rounded shape with the magazine strips.

Step 7: Add LED tea lights to each lantern

The crafting is done, now it's time to light 'em up!

Step 8: Shut the lights & enjoy the glow

Now just sit back and relax in the soft glow of your $0 creations!