Asked on Sep 28, 2017

How to refinish a kitchen table

WendyJanet PizaroMcs22279273


wood finish in light maple

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  • Mcs22279273
    on Sep 28, 2017

    Their are several steps before you begin to refinish. You dont necessarily have to completely sand it or strip it down. First, i recommend using De Natured Alcohol purchased at your local lowes or Home Depot. Follow the directions on the container Using the precautions necessary and gloves. Do sand it to get the big pieces off. Next, wipe it clean with a tack cloth. This is a very waxy cloth used to remove dust, and particles from the piece you're working with. When table iD.C. free of dust and particles, I suggest a prepaint. This is a milky like product That absorbs into the wood to give an even application. Now you ready for the color. Stain or paint. Either way you're ready. Once you Paint, you cannot go back to stain as paint gets into the grain and it's permanent. Please use good brushes designed for specific job. No cheap brushes. I use Purdy and it pays off. Brush your stain or paintvgoing one way staying at 65 degrees as heat or cold makes a difference. Using stain, do not go over it to fix mistakes. Do go with the grain though maple has little if any grain at all. Though most stains have sealers in them I recommend a sealer to protect just in case. An acrylic top coat is Veejay good. I prefer Diamond. you can get several top coats but my favorite is satin though there is gloss and so on. Check them out and decide. They prevent yellowing and cracking and prevent water rings. You can also do decorative painting on your table after youre finished. Good luck. Any questions call. 916-718-6451. I'll answer what I can. I'm a retired contractor, decotative artist and I do furniture, murals and fun stuff. Call if i can answer questions. My name is Sherry
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