One Chair Was Too Hard & One Was Too Soft... the Third is up to You!

It's time to move on... get up from the old chair and revive it

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Place bucket in center of chair

Lay your tin bucket onto an antique chair to figure out where it should sit

Step 2: Measure the distance

Measure the distance between the back of the bucket and the back of the chair

Step 3: Trace size of bucket with pencil

If you're not happy with the results try a different placement for the bucket and draw again

Step 5: Sand the edges of the circle

Clean up the edges of your circle with a piece of fine grit sandpaper

Step 6: Paint the chair with a color you love

You can apply a few coats of paint until you achieve your desired look

Step 7: Seal with Minwax Finishing Paste Wax

Sealing will protect your chair from rotting and weathering

Step 8: Place the bucket in the hole

Add any extras to your bucket that you wish!

Next: Take an old dining chair & do this!

Have on old chair you don't want anymore? Before tossing it, consider repurposing it into a shelf!

Step 1: Measure the shelf

Decide how deep you would like the shelf portion of your shelf to be and draw an even line across the seat

Step 2: Saw the chair

Use a circular saw to cut across the seat of the chair all the way through

Step 3: Saw off the legs

Cut off the back legs of the chair as close to the seat as possible

Step 4: Take off cross beams

If you have cross beams on your chair you can remove them with a screw driver

Step 5: Paint the chair with a color you love

Remember to paint the rails if you are using them

Step 6: Get a distressed look (optional)

Use a sanding block to rough the edges of the chair pieces & allow the wood color to peak through from underneath

Step 7: Attach hanging hooks

For the top piece of the chair you will attach them to the edge of the seat where you cut through

Step 8: Screw the bracket back in

Take the chair rails you cut earlier & using wood glue and screws, screw them to the shelves

Step 9: Add L shape brackets

Add two actual brackets to the bottom of the chair and paint them to match

Hang both pieces on the wall

These shelves are perfect for towels to hang from, but can really be used for a multitude of things!

Step 1: Cut off the back of your chair

You will only need the base, seat and legs

Step 2: Spray paint the stool

You can throw away the back of seat

Step 3: Place foam pads on top of the chair

If you are using two pieces, be sure they are aligned as closely as possible

Step 4: Cut faux fur to the correct size

Be sure to leave a large amount of excess, so you can wrap it around the underside of the stool

Step 5: Attach the faux fur to the base

Flip your stool over, and secure the excess faux fur to the base of the stool using a staple gun

Step 6: Cut any excess fabric off

You can use the excess faux fur pieces by placing them onto any bare areas on the underside of the stool base

Step 7: Admire your beautiful stool!

Place the stool where ever you want.