Asked on Sep 28, 2017

What is Hometalk?



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  • Tammy
    on Sep 28, 2017

    hometalk is website dedicated to a community of people that share ideas an answer questions about any home or do-it-yourself project that you have. You can have your questions answered or just browse to get ideas from what others have done.
  • Dfm
    on Sep 28, 2017

    there are many pro's who chat with us, and many who have learned by the hard knocks. you'll find master gardeners, wood workers, crafters, cleaning technicians, home makers. hvac techs.....just about any trade for maintaining a house or garden. the advice is free no money or fees to use the chat room. if you need help a plumbing issue there will besome one who can walk you thru it or point you to a reputable web site for instructions. if you are looking for recipes for food.....this probably isn't the site you need.

    make your own cleaning agents, gardening, painting walls re covering furniture- i've done that, glade to share the experience and what worked for me.
  • 2dogal
    on Sep 28, 2017

    People helping others through their questions and answers.
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