What glue is best to glue fabric to cardboard boxes?

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  • Linda Linda on Sep 28, 2017
    I like aileens quick grab glue. It drys clear and i like the quick grab part u have enough time to adjust but it will also hold ur material up while u work
  • Aleen's products are still one of my favorites - the original tacky glue will work perfectly.
  • Bridget Bridget on Sep 28, 2017
    Hands DOWN, spray Adhesive. I buy a huge can at harbor frieght for a lot cheaper than at least or hardware stores (even wal-mart)!!! It lasts me forever! I always use it outside though, actually in the yard if possible because it can leave a sticky mess on your floor or your work surface with the overspray. I mean you can cover stuff with newspaper or plastic, just be careful!
  • Peter Peter on Sep 28, 2017
    try gorilla glue I have used it for many purposes and they have one suitable for any thing you glue.
  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 28, 2017
    I would try hot glue, but put it on thin.
  • Evelyn Evelyn on Sep 28, 2017
    Have you considered Mod Podge?
  • Bobbi Lively Bobbi Lively on Sep 30, 2017
    Good ol elmers works.
  • Roxi Roxi on Sep 30, 2017
    Thanks so much
  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Sep 30, 2017
    Elmer's white school glue. Just thin it a bit with some water, and paint it on evenly with a wide paint brush. Immediately adhere the fabric. Let it dry overnight. You can use wooden clothespins to hold any spots together.
  • Donna Scholze Donna Scholze on Sep 22, 2018

    It's only for show though then I need to take it off

  • Homeroad Homeroad on Sep 22, 2018

    Did you try using spray adhesive? Spray adhesive is good because it will not soak through the fabric. If you need something to hold down the corners you can use double sided tape.

  • 4637385 4637385 on Sep 24, 2018

    I would use Mod Podge!

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