Asked on Sep 28, 2017

Can I spray paint powder coated chairs? What should I use?

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Sep 28, 2017

    Yes ,clean and use Rustleum @x spray paint,giving the chairs two light coats allowing to dry in between
  • William
    on Sep 28, 2017

    Lightly sand to remove any gloss. Use metal spray paint. Seceral light coats will get you a smooth finish.
  • Sandra Vining
    on Sep 28, 2017

    I would sand them lightly Sure to get.all over then I would wipe them good with a soft cloth Start with a spot like a leg.......... paint wait couple of hours See what it looks like I like the best RUST-OLEUM 2X paint primer
  • Kir24597184
    on Sep 28, 2017

    You can. Powder coating is actually small beads of a plastic type material. They put an electrical charge to the item, blow color powder at the item, which sticks because of the charge, then it goes into an oven to fuse all of the beads together. Powder coated items don't fade in color easily because they are cooked powder, not paint.

    You can paint them but your new paint will not last as long as the powder coating will. I would roughen up the surface a bit with 100 grit sandpaper to give the paint something to "bite" into. Spray thin coats so the paint will stick well. It should come out nice if you take your time painting. Too often people go for the one coat spray until the paint drips. Shoot for a 3-4 coat spray drying in between each coat. I usually make a portable paint booth by making a back stop and two sides using cardboard boxes So the paint does not float everywhere.
  • Wendy
    on Sep 29, 2017

    Sand first, then paint!
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