Space Saver: Cutting Counter Clutter

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The space is there--but badly used. My husband's bathroom counter is a big mess. He's a pretty-neat freak, except in the bathroom. After many years of leaving messes, I am now the neat one, in the bathroom, anyway. But let me show you.
Clean but unorganized.
I started by throwing up my hands. That didn't get anything done, so I straightened his towel. All of our master bathroom towels are white, and most have a blue stripe. Most of our hand towels are some shade of blue, and all of the washcloths are some shade of white.
An old shelf and simple supplies.
Since I can't redo the whole bathroom, I'm concentrating on small areas. The shelves I chose were in the garage, and won't be permanently installed. I thought this would give me a chance to play with some of my paint. The short shelf has two flat surfaces and a little trim that I like. I picked out an Apple Barrel brown and a Unicorn SPiT yellow. I also chose to flip the shelf upside down.
Flipping the shelf added interest.
I tore a piece of sponge off a larger synthetic sponge and poured the yellow USPiT in dribbles on the two shelves. With the sponge dipped into the dribbles as needed, I streaked and splotched the yellow in places all over the shelf except the middle of the shelves. Then I did the same with the brown. Then more yellow, then brown. Then MORE yellow. I might add some blue or green later.
Husband approved.
My husband liked the first shelves so much, he asked if I could find more. I did, of course, so more of his toiletries will go on the three-shelf wire unit I found in the utility room. I added some blue marbled paper on the shelves on the shorter unit. Everything took me about three hours over two days. It won't take you that long--everything I painted and cleaned out and cleaned up, I did from my bed. But setting it up only took a little while. Happy dude, happy mood!
A different basket.
Another step in making the counter neater. I replaced to tall wire shelf with a wire basket. More to come. 💖

Suggested materials:

  • Two extra shelving units, paint, bit of sponge, a water bottle paint cup, scissors, ble paper, a few plastic baskets  (Everything was around my house so I didn't spend a dime.)

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  • Marsha smith
    Marsha smith
    on Nov 19, 2017

    I can see that cabinet painted with chalkboard paint..and little messages left to "put the cap on the toothpaste".."close the toilet lid".."Good Morning", etc
    • Jewellmartin
      on Nov 19, 2017

      That’s a good idea. For hubby: Take your medicine. Put your brush away. Kiss your wife. Thanks so much! 😇

  • Doreen Purchia
    Doreen Purchia
    on Nov 19, 2017

    I never saw a clock in a bathroom before. I would use nicer baskets.
    • Jo
      on Feb 9, 2019

      I like having clocks everywhere, bathroom especially!!

      I love your baskets! I like metal much better--not only because they are not brown!! You can see into them, they're sturdier and able to be decorated many different ways!!

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