Asked on Sep 29, 2017

How to get rid of butterfly vine, I believe is called trumpet.

Kristina FreemanNatalie TackettNancy Turner


This vine is destroying my house and sidewalk. I can't stop it and need it gone.
I'm sorry I planted it but thought beautiful butterflys. Vine has never blossomed.
It has been several years now.

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  • Bev
    on Sep 29, 2017

    And it's very invasive. I cut mine back to the ground and them sprayed brush killer on the stubs. So far it has not resprouted.
  • Nancy Turner
    on Sep 29, 2017

    I would do the same thing. If there are other plants around it that you don't want sprayed, paint it on the stumps. If any more sprout do the same thing, cut it off and paint the stump. Do this until you see them no more. The weed killer should be drawn into the roots and kill it off.
  • Natalie Tackett
    on Sep 29, 2017

    Thank you... I hope it works... I have looked up discussions before about this vine & one answer was "to get rid of this horrible vine MOVE!"  Thanks again
  • Kristina Freeman
    on Sep 29, 2017

    try a 2-4-D spray ask at any store that sells weed spray and they will know what you are wanting
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