My porch is narrow don't know how to decorate.

q my porch is narrow don t know how to decorate
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  • Pam M. Pam M. on Sep 30, 2017
    If your porch has a roof, try hanging wind chimes, or planters from it. They won't take up any room and street view is improved. Also you might try mounting shelves or pics on the wall. I love porches and love your floor color and chairs. Good luck!
  • Bill Haughey Bill Haughey on Sep 30, 2017
    Considering your door placement, the way you have your furniture placed is good. You might try a new rug to wipe your feet on, maybe matching it to some new seat cushions and a skirt for the table. Keep clutter to a minimum and the porch will feel bigger. I recently did a major edit on my porch, and it really freshened it up.
  • Emily Emily on Sep 30, 2017
    I think the furniture placement is the problem. You have everything in a row. I see now that the door is at the end of the porch. What is on the other end? Where is the door from inside? Our side porch is about 7' X 14". The two chairs on on the short side and we have a two seater iron set on the long side. We also have a drop down table and two kitchen chairs against the house wall and a big wicker rocker which sort of blocks the screen door. This is not a main entrance or exit so we can do this. If you took pics of all sides it would be easier to advise. You do know how to decorate. Believe in yourself!
  • Ili Ili on Sep 30, 2017
    I would love to see sort of futon (comfy bench) against the wall, at each end, if space allows it, some small narrow side tables (metal or otherwise) with a nice big tall plant. A nice longer and wider outdoor rug....but, first of all GET RID of all clutter/unnecessary /distracting Items. Hanging plants would be a nice addition....What do you think???
  • Stelmour450 Stelmour450 on Oct 02, 2017
    I would start by painting the chairs white and adding colorful cushions. A smaller lower table in between, and a nice area rug. I would lose the basket and other clutter. Would have liked to see what is in the other end. Maybe a table and 2 chairs?
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