Asked on Sep 30, 2017

Does a 24 X 10 front deck1ft. off the ground look best with a railing



3 answers
  • Fauxgal
    on Sep 30, 2017

    Well..... I think so. Railing is pretty. But if you don't, just decorate the deck. I doubt that it will be a falling hazard. OR put a railing on one side only and back plants up to it.
  • Leah
    on Sep 30, 2017

    I did not want railing, but my husband insisted. I am glad he did.
  • Toolpro
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I have a large deck that is a bout 1' off the ground on one end. I like the clean lines however from a safety point of view I have had people step off it and end up in a heap on the ground. I have benches with backs in that area now. A totally satisfactory solution as I can move the benches for flexibility. Currently I have firewood stacked on the ground about 2' higher than the deck. It is a nice look too. I have also used large rectangular planters and 5 gallon bucket planters on the edge. My deck has been there 30 years with the use changing as the kids grew.
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