Asked on Sep 30, 2017

How to prune blueberry bushes?

JeanJanet Pizaro


I've got about 15 blueberry bushes haven't been pruned in at least 5 years. They are over head high so have trouble picking all the blueberries. I don't want to ruin them from producing next year, so I wasn't sure when the best time was to prune them and how.

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  • Jean
    on Sep 30, 2017

    look at the base for the oldest 'trunk' - they will look kind of ragged, the bark may be peeling. remove one in five at the ground level, and spray the cut area with a little dilute bleach.

    then, remove any dead wood, and any branches that are rubbing up against one another.

    a blueberry 'will' get taller than you, but you can prune 1/4 of the branches back each year, until they're under control again.

    I prefer to prune when things are dormant if I can (some things, like lilacs, must be pruned immediately after flowering has stopped...) and usually find a nice January day to prep mine for the coming year.

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