Does anyone know the measurements for this?

Does anyone know the measurements for this?
q does anyone know the measurements for this
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  • Typically these are measured and built to suit the space. There are no "standard" measurements.
  • Geew Geew on Sep 30, 2017
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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 30, 2017
    I would start with the size of the swings you plan on using and go from there, along with the size of the area of your lawn that you plan to use.
  • Mum Vickery Mum Vickery on Oct 01, 2017
    I'm guessing you want an estimate so you can make plans in your head?

    Just looking at it, I think the swings might be about 2m (c.6 ft) long.
    Add in the spaces (1 each side of swing) for each section which look about 300-450mm x 2, so 600mm-900mm total [2 feet - 3 feet total]

    So 2m + (let's say) 900mm = 2.9m ... round it up to 3m [9 to 10ft], if you want - for each section internally. Add in the dimensions of the 4 posts - maybe 100mm x 100mm? (4in x 4in)

    Then we have in total 9.4m (around 30 ft 10in. total).
    Those are the dimensions I think you're looking at - bearing in mind there's a good bit of guesswork .

    As suggested by another, measure your swings or seats, add a space each side, multiply, add the widths of your timber uprights, and you've got your dimensions.

    Be sure it complies with code. Just looking at the photo, I'm not convinced about the uprights, but who knows ... ?

    I work in metric. Conversions could be subject to correction?

  • Harold Morris Harold Morris on Oct 01, 2017
    If you assume that the benches are 5 feet wide you can extrapolate the remaining numbers using a simple scrap of paper pencil and marking off 6 little Marks over the with of the bench
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