Asked on Oct 1, 2017

How can I organize lots of old family photos and info?

EmilyChe13586550Janet Pizaro


3 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 1, 2017

    photo albums or photoboxes
  • Che13586550
    on Oct 1, 2017

    i m thinking chronological?
  • Emily
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Hi Cherid. I have these metal boxes which just fit the shelf (and are now painted white) the photos are kept in alphabetical order: one category for each member (our family is small only 6 people. . .but our extended family is huge) so I would have "Bob" and then "Bob's family" I also have categories for things like weddings, graduations etc. Special trips, holidays etc. This is a great way to find photos in a hurry. And the drawers have those metal things that hold the contents in place (like a filing cabinet) The most important advice I can give you though it to put the names on the back of the photos. With the advent of the internet I no longer (generally speaking) have hard copies. Good luck this is an ambitious project but an important one.
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