Asked on Oct 1, 2017

What is the best way to paint paneling?

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It is in an older trailer home person doesn't want it removed just change the color, it's to dark.

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  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Good Morning Roxann Schamberger, Here is a video showing you step by step how to paint the paneling in a mobile home, AND the man in the video even explains WHY you need to do each step and WHY he uses the type of products he uses. :) If you listen and follow his directions things will be fine:
    Thanks for asking HOMETALK for information, and have a beautiful Autumn.
  • Landsharkinnc
    on Oct 1, 2017

    preparation is the foundation of any successful paint job; wall must be totally clean, de-glossed with a non-rinse product - just as 'KrudCutter' Deglosser or similar product; paint like you would any other wall.
  • Wash it with TSP, let dry. Use a good primer like kilz, then paint!
  • Archie
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Sand it, prime it and paint it.
  • Hillela G.
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I would use chalk paint!
  • Dl.5660408
    on Oct 2, 2017

    If you degrease it and use a paint with primer in it sanding is minimal if at all. Just be sure to use a high quality paint. Personally I like Behr's latex enamel paint with primer, it covers well and is easy to clean, but any high quality paint would work.
  • Ellis
    on Oct 2, 2017

    I painted a large room that had been finished with ordinary plywood paneling, using a good latex paint, and it looked amazing when it was done. You would never know that it had been ugly cheap paneling.
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