Asked on Oct 1, 2017

Design help needed for the ugliest kitchen in America

Rita EskraDiena Cameron


Desperate homeowner needs design suggestions for the ugliest kitchen in America!! Thinking about adding french doors where the window is. All suggestions welcome!

Kitchen dimensions 11 wide x 7.5 to beginning of closet x 8 ft 8 in to begining of refridgerator opening.
47 x 34 window
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  • Diena Cameron
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Hi Janet, i don't know if this will help but here goes.) I would make or buy a center island and put in an apron front sink (or Farmhouse) in white porcelain and a new stainless steel faucet. Paint the bottom of the island a beautiful dark grey semi gloss and new silver knobs and handles. With the island in, it would give you more lower cabinet space that you would loose by taking out the window (and lower cabinets). This would free up your window, so you could install beautiful white French doors. Then you would be able to get to your corner lazy susan cabinets and maybe add some lower open shelves for your cookbooks and knick knacks. Paint all the lower cabinets and/or shelves in the dark grey semi gloss and paint upper cabinets in a white semi gloss . Your floor looks like the newer tiles that look like wood grain and are grey ? If so and they're in good condition, i would leave them. They are very beautiful in a lake design or beach design home and would coordinate well with the grey and white cabinets. And it would all coordinate with your your stainless steel appliances. Hope this gives you an idea "you" like and helps, at least you would be rid of your garden window, your lazy Susan corner cabinets and would get your French doors all at the same time and take advantage of what is probably a fantastic view ! 😀 Good luck and please post pictures of your project weither big or small.
    • Diena Cameron
      on Oct 3, 2017

      Thanks so much Janet ! I love your floors and that's great that you have extra, they will always come in handy. Please post pictures if you do anything in your kitchen. I'm anxious to see what you will do .) Good luck !
  • Rita Eskra
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Hi, I'm a beginner and have never answered a question before so please take that into account. But I would leave the entrance door where it's currently located instead of moving it over to where the sink and garden window are. When you start moving major items such as plumbing and the main entrance to your home, you are apt to spend a lot more money.
    I like your idea of removing the non-load bearing wall between your front door / hallway and the kitchen. This will help open up your home and give it more of a great room vibe. The larger space also gives you more design options like adding an island to your kitchen.
    And you could still create some separation between your entry way and kitchen by adding some posts, columns, half wall, etc.
    I hope this helps.
    , Another way of adding some fancy to your entry way and opening up your home while still maintaining some separation between the kitchen and entrance
    • Janet
      on Oct 1, 2017

      Wow! Thanks. I love the pics. For your first try, I would surely think you were an expert!!!
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