Asked on Oct 1, 2017

Is there a humane way to catch mice?

LindaCindie Barngrover Mead


We live in the country and experience a new batch of mice every winter. I honestly think they are pretty cute, but they get into everything. My husband goes into safari mice kill mode. Is there a humane way to capture these little characters and return to the woods? (Preferably much further away from people.)

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  • Cindie Barngrover Mead
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Best way is to keep them out to start with. Check around the outside of your house for anything the size of a dime wide. Seriously they can flatten them selves out to unbelievable sizes to get into places ! Cover with metal or stuff steal wool into any cracks or holes and make it tight and solid or they will pull it right back out again. If you have a basement leave lights on and check to see any openings after dark could be in your seal plates of where electrical or water pipes come in ... cracks under doors ... put new weather striping in... good luck !!! one old house we lived in I used lids off my can foods as I opened them, to block holes. Good caulk around electrical inlets.
  • Linda
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I also live in the country and can tell it is almost impossible to keep them out. Just opening a garage door is sometimes enough. I use TOMCAT and peanut butter. They are reusable and easy to use. I purchased them at Lowes. No toxic chemicals needed!
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