Asked on Oct 1, 2017

Which is better for kitchen countertop, honed black granite or dark



Or dark sandston?

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  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Hello Mholser, I am posting a link to a page you may want to read over. In the link are the following quotes with the blue type that allows you to go to another page about the particular stones mentioned. Here is a quote from the page, followed by the link to it:
    " ... Granite
    Some granites have higher absorption and/or lower abrasion resistance than may be expected. Some granites are resin-treated to enhance the color and fortify the surface of the stone.
    All sandstones have medium to high absorption ratings and have a medium to high abrasion resistance rating. It will stain when exposed to oil and highly-pigmented liquids. Due to its absorbency and mineral make-up, sandstone has a tendency to warp during installation. ..."
    Good Luck Mholser, and thanks for asking HOMETALK for an opinion. :)
  • What goes better with your cabinets? Is there a lot of light in the room?
  • Sharon
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Granite, I would never put sandstone near water.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Soap stone is nice too.
  • Peach
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Our daughter bought Absolute Black granite and had a "leather" or "brushed" finish. Keeps fingerprints hidden. I would not use sandstone in kitchen ~ too porous.
  • Mho22577956
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I meant soapstone! I don't know how sanston got written! 😆
  • Dl.5660408
    on Oct 2, 2017

    i wouldn't use soapstone, it also is too porous. Have you considered quartz? It comes in so many beautiful colors and finishes, never has to be sealed, is naturally microbe resistant and doesn't need anything special to clean it. But if you really want granite, Peach's suggestion is really a good one to consider
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