Asked on Oct 1, 2017

How to remove olive oil from stainless steel fridge?

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I read to put oil on ss refrigerator so it won't leave I have oil marks where I tried to spread the do I remove olive oil from ss

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  • Jennifer
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Don't have/never have cleaned stainless steel appliances but Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have been my new go to lately. Can't hurt to try!
  • Estasban
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I would use a good household degreaser soap solution, on a damp sponge/clothe/paper towel. Once cleaned off there is another product that can be use on your ss, called WD-40, found in almost all hard ware big box stores. Appling a light spray on a cloth/paper towel and wipe on the surface will remove finger prints and smudges.
  • Suzette
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Hi G, Here's a video that should help!

    Good luck!

  • Dfm
    on Oct 1, 2017

    try a micro fiber wash cloth and a basin of warm water and a drop or 2 of dish soap. Rub with the grain.
  • Karen Tokarse
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I used ALL of the above, but was only successful when I used WD-40. YES, WD-40. I did my fridge about 3 months ago, and it STILL looks great.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 1, 2017

    that information is correct ,use a micro fiber cloth
  • Diana Deiley
    on Oct 1, 2017

    I'm with the WD-40. Amazingly, an elderly friend sprayed the front of my car to keep the bugs off and it's working! So, I'll bet it will work on stainless steel. To clean off the olive oil, I'd suggest Barkeepers Friend in the soft soap cleanser with warm water. I use it on everything and am very pleased. Best of luck.
  • Dl.5660408
    on Oct 1, 2017

    Oops, yes I tried olive oil, oh the stickiness it caused! My stainless doesn't have a visable grain so I used almost hot water, a squirt of Dawn dish soap and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar in half a gallon of water. I used a microfiber cloth. Because this was a one time deal, I wasn't worried about any acetic acid issue, rinsed it well and it worked, not problem
  • Gfd18566593
    on Oct 2, 2017

    thank you ladies i'll definitely use these tips
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