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Asked on Oct 2, 2017

How can I restrip a counter top that’s been repainted

Cori WidenSouthernbelleJohnavallance82


I have a counter top that I got that someone has repainted and finished. I saw the potential of this and got it free and want to bring it back to its orginal beauty. How can I take this off

5 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 2, 2017

    Try using Citristrip a non-toxic remover
  • Ken
    on Oct 2, 2017

    That depends entirely on what sort of material the countertop is. I've never tried paint remover on Formica but I wouldn't bet on the laminate to hold up. Share with us the type of countertop and we may be able to help.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 2, 2017

    Paint Stripper.
  • Southernbelle
    on Oct 2, 2017

    It’s a Formica counter top the original is beautiful and has been redone with a black surface paint like and sealed it. On the edges u can take a knife and scrape it off where it’s not thick . Thanks

  • Cori Widen
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Citistrip will likely work! Can't recommend that product enough!
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