Asked on Oct 2, 2017

Need advice for laying new wood floor

Carol ThompsonShoshana


I'm getting ready to replace my wood floors (long overdue...can't wait). The rooms we're doing are the breakfast area, the living room and a hall. The breakfast area and the living room are pretty much the same area. However, the hall creates an "L" shape from the other rooms. My plan was to lay the big rooms and then use a transition to the hall and lay the hall longways (length) rather than short ways (width). That would put the wood in the hall floor and the big area floor at 90 degree angle. I've gotten some opinions that I should lay the floor in the hall with the planks running width-wise to match the install of the big area instead of using a transition. The hall is pretty prominent and close to the front door, so I can't make a mistake here. Thoughts? Thanks!

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