I get mold from condensation around ny newly installed windows. Help

i had drafty older windows. I had new weather tight white vinyl clad windows installed. Now I get condensation and small dots of mold on the windows as condensation forms on the glass. I have a bathroom fan that exhausts to roof and individual roof vents and s ridge roof vent. What should I do

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  • Sherry Cohen Sherry Cohen on Oct 02, 2017
    First, call the installer. Maybe something (a gasket?) is missing. Or there was a crack in the wall under gutters that had not been cleaned in a while. Get it fixed stat so that you don't develop mold in the walls.

    • JK JK on Oct 02, 2017
      crack in the wall under gutters sounds scary hard to find with vinyl siding. No gaskets are missing. The moisture hits the pane from inside my house. I am going to take advice of others and try a dehumidifer in warmer months and see if it helps.

  • Peg Peg on Oct 02, 2017
    Have you contacted the window installers?

  • Dale Marquis Dale Marquis on Oct 02, 2017
    Have you checked the humidity in your home? Maybe a dehumidifier would help. Had the same problem and found my humidity in the house was high.

  • Better ventilation, a dehumidifier.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Oct 02, 2017
    You should still be under warranty. Have the installer address ASAP. An older home should have enough ventilation for it not to be a humidity problem unless you already had a problem. It sounds like you have addressed ventilation already, but, I would have your system checked out also.

    • JK JK on Oct 02, 2017
      I have a lot of insulation. I think I have to take advice of others and use a dehumidifier

  • Judy Judy on Oct 02, 2017
    I had the same problem. We purchased new weather tight vinyl windows for our home . About 6 years later, 5 of my windows began to have small little circles of mold. Two in the bedroom, 3 in den, and 1 in the kitchen and I live where the humidity is very very high-- Houston Texas. I have a lifetime guarantee, so I called them and they replaced the windows. Since yours are new they should be under warranty or have a lifetime warranty also.
    Hope this helps. Judy Kaye

  • William William on Oct 02, 2017
    I agree with everyone. Judy has the best suggestion. This should not happen with new weather tight windows. Has to be a manufacturers defect in the window. Have them replace under the warranty.

  • JK JK on Oct 02, 2017
    the house is not ventilating properly. Same windows dont cause problems elsewhere. It's definitely not the windows at fault

  • Ela26544792 Ela26544792 on Oct 02, 2017
    there is such a thing as a house being too airtight, call the company before your warranty runs out!

  • Sherry Cohen Sherry Cohen on Oct 02, 2017
    I wouldn't wait that long. The windows may still be under warranty. They can put a camera under the siding to check it out. (My exterminator did that and found an opening where mice can enter.) My mother's house had ice that broke the gutter and cracked the wall and window frame. It cost her $600 to redo the frame plus the cost of a new gutter. Do. Not. Wait.