Asked on Oct 2, 2017

Painting My Kitchen Cabinets

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I recently received a a quote to spray just my cabinet doors. I will be cleaning and painting the boxes. i have 16 doors and 5 small drawers. The person doing it was also going to change out the cabinets in my center island. I would be providing all the paint, cabinets, new handles, etc. The price I received was $3,600. I think that's pretty high.
I've been painting furniture for myself and clients. I've never painted kitchen cabinets, now I want to paint mine
I'm a few FB Groups for painting furniture and there's so many different opinions on what paint to use.
So far this is what I may be using unless I get some better ideas from you, my fellow Hometalkers.
Stix primer
PPG Breakaway paint, my has worked at a PPG paint store since he was 17 and he's now 70. He knows his paint.
I hear different opinions on putting a top coat on regular paint. I'm also debating buying a paint sprayer. I've never used a sprayer. Even with buying a sprayer I'd still be saving thousands of dollars. Ok Fellow Hometalkers give me your thoughts.

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  • Sally-Charles Evans
    on Oct 2, 2017

    I am thinking of painting cabinets as well. I was advised by someone to either brush, roll, or spray, do not mix spray with the other two. The difference is too obvious in the finish. He rolled and brushed the boxes and sprayed the doors. He said he was not happy with that combination, and you can't hardly spray in the kitchen.
    • Mary Insana
      on Oct 3, 2017

      I pulled out a quart of Miss Lillian's no wax chalk paint in a color called French Roast. I was painting the top of my dining room table to match the build in wall to wall china cabinet I recently painted. Since the kitchen and dining room is not separated by a wall I tbough I'd carry the color theme into the kitchen. Here's a picture of sink front I tested it on. I like it. My wall color is called Latte. I'm probably paint the walls a little lighter in the same shade family.
  • Fauxgal
    on Oct 2, 2017

    We've been in the faux, and decorative painting business for 20 years. We use a couple of Porter Paints, paints. No top coat is ever needed. Incidentally, we charge: starting at $100 per door, and door-sized space, plus $30 per drawer or drawer sized space. Sometimes there is a little more of a charge depending on the details in the kitchen. Our website is
  • Karen Tokarse
    on Oct 2, 2017

    Just don't use chalk paint.
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