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Starry Starry Night Ceiling.

4 Materials
4 Days

As part of the overall decor theme in my bedroom, this ceiling treatment, whilst not being unique, does add immeasurably to the overall ambience. First I stuck and screwed battening onto the ceiling to create a window framed ceiling effect The distance between the East / West and North / South battens was measured to be the exact width of the wallpaper used. By doing this you are able to paste and stick
starry starry night ceiling
Battens being stuck up.
starry starry night ceiling
Battens painted the same colour as the coving and walls.
starry starry night ceiling
Battening at various stages, wallpaper in fill started.
starry starry night ceiling
Starfield wallpaper in situ ,battens yet to be painted. I did not do this project in the correct sequence, it should have been
(1) Stick and screw fix battens to ceiling,
(2) Paint battens,
(3) Stick up wallpaper,
(4) Further embellish starry night sky
(5) Look up at what you've done and think what a clever little bunny you are!
starry starry night ceiling
Sticky luminous stars etc, and stick on little 'diamond' sparklies and they are forever!
starry starry night ceiling
To infinity and beyond! Galaxy field is a ready made 36" printed roundel with spaklies purchased from 'The Range' home store and incorporated into the ceiling decor.
starry starry night ceiling
I spy Saturn ------ and is that Alpha Centauri bottom middle?

Suggested materials:

  • Paint  (DIY store)
  • Wooden battens  (")
  • Wallpaper  (")
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