Asked on Oct 3, 2017

How do I eliminate wild violets from my lawn?

SherylJanet PizaroSharon


4 answers
  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 3, 2017

    A good weed and feed in the spring is a good start and spot treat with round up that is safe for grass after that. Using vinegar or boiling water will kill the surrounding grass.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 3, 2017

    A broadleaf herbicide like Weed b Gone.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Weed b Gone by Ortho
  • Sheryl
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Depends on how many you have. Spot treat for a few, but if you have lots of them, then you will have to kill the entire area (grass too) and wait a couple of weeks to reseed with grass. Basically the root system of this plant is an interconnected maze a few inches under the ground. It will keep coming up again and again unless the root system is entirely eradicated.
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