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What's the best wat to get rid of squash bugs.

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    Early Prevention
    Squash bug eggs are shiny, oval, and copper colored, and are usually laid in late spring or early summer. Inspect your plants weekly for squash bugs during this time. Look for them on the undersides of the leaves on your squash plants. If you notice an infestation of squash bug eggs, wipe them off with a cloth and dispose of them. This is the best way to prevent later damage
    Homemade Traps
    Squash bugs are most easily controlled if you catch them before they attack your plants. Methods for trapping squash bugs include setting up a "trap crop" to trick them. This means using an early squash crop to entice the bugs. This early planting could attract most of the squash bugs in the area. Plant the crops in your garden, and place a piece of wood or cardboard at the base of each plant. The bugs will hide under the wood or cardboard, where you can easily find and remove them. You also can use a floating row cover to protect your plants from infestation.
    Natural Spray and Treatment
    It's easy to make natural sprays and treatments that will control a squash bug infestation. For a soil treatment, mix water, onion and garlic in a large bowl and allow the mixture to sit for a few hours until the scent becomes strong. Pour this solution at the base of infested squash plants. For a homemade squash bug spray, pour a small amount of liquid Castile soap into a spray bottle and fill the bottle with water. Spray the affected plants in the morning, directing the spray at the base of the plant and the undersides of the leaves.
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