Asked on Oct 3, 2017

What is getting into my plants and making holes to the side usually?

LokieRebecca TaylorJanet Pizaro


Circular holes can be an inch or more in diameter and some are several inches deep. How can this problem be handled? I have seen some also just out in the yard.

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Circular holes could be a number of different issues,specifically what plants are you referring to and submitting a photo would be better to determine the damage
    • Den Ny
      on Oct 4, 2017

      If you discover that slugs are the cause, bury a pie tin flush to the ground and fill with cheap beer. They are drawn to it and will drown in it.
  • Rebecca Taylor
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Hello, every time I have seen different size circular holes it has been slugs and they usually come out at night.
  • Rebecca Taylor
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Hello, Sorry that I forgot to leave a comment on how to get rid of them. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled on and around the plants works well and it will not hurt your plants.
  • Lokie
    on Oct 3, 2017

    Sounds like squirrels to me. The like to dig holes like that to put nuts in. They did around in my flower boxes and pots. Also all over in the yard. Little holes all over the place. Take a scoop of soil out and see if you find a nut in there. Also big earth worms will leave holes as they come out of the ground.

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