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We all have that one drawer in the kitchen or bathroom that is a final destination for the things that you aren't quite sure what to do with otherwise. Mine is rather wide, shallow and long. I was loath to add to the chaos because it is known as the black hole of our household. It was time to rise to the challenge this week and organize that bad boy even if it was just a little bit.
This is what the front half of the drawer looked like before I started. I still had to stick my arm halfway under the counter to dig out old chapstick and expired meds and a few things I couldn't even identify lol.
Next, I wiped out the bottom of the drawer. I then sorted out the rubble: prescription bottled on the left, first aid and creams on the right with dental and other miscellaneous items in the middle.
The best thing I could find in my stash of things that "I'm going to use that one day" was a box and lid that had once held 12 inch tapered candles. They were a little too tall so I had to trim them in order for the drawer to shut properly.
This is what it looks like finished. It probably still looks messy to some you, but believe me when I tell you this is volumes better than it was before I started. I hope I have inspired someone to clean out their "junk" drawer today. You don't need fancy dividers, just cardboard boxes and scissors...ohh and a great desire to toss some of that stuff out! Happy cleaning 😆

Suggested materials:

  • Time, patience and a cardboard box   (Home)
  • Cardboard box

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