Asked on Oct 3, 2017

Suggestions on a DIY Command Center

EllisKatAychMary Ann Goldberg


My recently bought our first home and we have been working our little tushies off to make it perfect for just the two of us.

The next task to check off our "never ending Check list" is making a command center.

I am looking for some suggestions on how to make one with such a little space. The first picture is a picture of the space I want to have the command center. I am able to remove the telephone cord box. But I am not able to move the doorbell.

I am am open to any and all suggestion!!!
Thank You!!!
The picture does not give the true color or size. The wall is light blue. And it is 21 inches wide and 6.42 feet tall
I bought this mail sorter and would like to use it somewhere in my command center!
I also found this Lovelt rusty old bucket thing from a farmer market. I don't have to use this in my command cente. But I love the farmhouse style. So I thought I would post a picture of it!
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