Asked on Oct 4, 2017

How to make your room not look cluttered?

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How to make your room clutter free but still fashionable...

6 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 4, 2017

    use wicker baskets,decorative boxes and de-clutter.Put away any unused items
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Put stuff you are not using in to cupboards and only leave out things you use
  • Paymetotellyou
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Remove thethe clutter
  • Bijous
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Honestly look at the room. Do you really need everything? If the answer is yes, book cases are always a good start. Even shoes can be put on bookshelves. Group shoes by color. Got a lot of books? Cover them all with white butcher block paper and write the titles on the spine. Keep it clean and bright. Lighting can be pretty cheap. You can even put small lamps on the book shelves putting holes through the back to hide the cords. Good luck!
  • Peggy
    on Oct 4, 2017

    THE FOLDING ACCORDION SCREENS are the answer for my inevitable clutter! Have fun because you can make them, easily, but it takes time, so BUY THEM ready made....?
  • Katie Russo
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Thank you all!! Definitely need a book shelter cause I have a lot of books. Just moved so I’m trying to have places for everything where it looks nice and clean and not overwhelming. Only really pretty pretty haha 😃
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