Asked on Oct 4, 2017

What can I do to stop rats from coming in my yard?



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  • Ebbjdl
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Call your local animal control, you can get get the number from your town hall, or community services. Tell them your afraid to leave the house, your grandchildren can't play in the yard, you can't let your dog out, and they could be rabid (carry the disease) and their also cause a health risk. If they don't do something call the mayor's office. EJL
  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Remove things they like to eat like veggies in your garden. Also remove any weeds and such they can be hiding in. You can set traps to catch them and discourage them or have a service come out to set out bait to kill them. The problem is that if your neighbors do nothing, you will continue to have the rats.
  • Susan Whalen
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Put out rat bait blocks all around your yard, and never put meat products or milk or cheese in your compost. I also find the sonic (high-pitched )noise plug-ins in my outdoor outlets keeps rats, squirrels and raccoons away. Don't feed the birds, either...hummingbird feeders are great; but others are an open dining invite to four-legged pests!
  • Keep a tidy yard and do not five them places to hide or things to nibble on. Be careful if using poison if you have children or pets. I use catch and release traps.

  • Dar30817573
    on Oct 4, 2017

    Get a cat
  • Chubby58
    on Oct 4, 2017

    First try to find out why they are coming in your yard. Is there an alley, are they coming from the neighbors yards, is there a lot of garbage around anywhere. Has there been a wooded area close by that has been cut down?
  • Ginny
    on Oct 4, 2017

    If you or neighbors have dogs, pick up the poop every day. A poopy yard is like ringing the dinner bell for rats. Call your local jurisdiction for help. Are new sewers being installed close to your home because that disturbs them as well and they move to new territory.
  • Simone
    on Oct 5, 2017

    Thank you all for the great ideas
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