Asked on Oct 4, 2017

Natural way to get rid of stink bugs

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  • SandyG
    on Oct 4, 2017

    We use NEEM oil. Mix as directed. We spray it outside, in the attic and under the house. It makes a mess on windows but easily cleaned after cold weather drives stink bugs away.
  • Lokie
    on Oct 4, 2017

    All last summer and even through the fall and winter I battled with stink bugs. I tried everything to get rid of them. I did so much research on them that I thought I would never find something to work. Then I came across a small bit that said stink bugs release a distress odor to attract more if they are disturbed or squashed. I started using a bit of toilet paper to gently pick them up then flush them. It took a bit of time but with a week I have just a random one here and there. In two weeks I had none. This spring with I started seeing one or two I got rid of them the same way. I haven't seen a single stink bug in the house all summer this year :)
  • Sue
    on Oct 4, 2017

  • Catherine Anspaugh
    on Oct 7, 2017

    I absolutely hate stink bugs. They were the bane of my existence when I lived in New Jersey. Honestly, I never did find a way to control them except to catch them and smoosh them.
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