Asked on Oct 5, 2017

How do I repaint my aluminum storm doors that have faded?

Darlene WeshnevskiApril roweJanet Pizaro


5 answers
  • Rose Broadway
    on Oct 5, 2017

    Clean them real well, then use a good primer and paint that are both designed for metal.

  • Ebbjdl
    on Oct 5, 2017

    If you can, remove the screen/storm window. Call Homedepot or Lowe's, and see what kind of paint you need for aluminum surface. It should be able to hold up in all kinds of weather. You may be able to spray paint it, but I would use a brush it, so you get and even finish. EJL.
  • April rowe
    on Oct 5, 2017

    I taped everything off and spray painted with Rustoleum. Worked great!
  • Darlene Weshnevski
    on Oct 6, 2017

    Go to your Home Improvement store and buy the product Recolor by Rusoleum. Simply wipe it on with cloth in kit. My doors were brown faded to light brown and one wipe restored them to original color. Works great on plastic, metal, vinyl, fiberglass and more. No mess and one box does several doors. Good for shutters too. Not too expensive. I got mine free on a Menard' s rebate.
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