Asked on Oct 6, 2017

I would like to patch my futon which supposedly should be leather



My question is,if i use the Leak Seal and the Finish all on top would that be usable again,I mean we are using the futon and i am afraid it would crack?!

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  • Nancy
    on Oct 6, 2017

    Perhaps you could put a new cover on it...something similar to a duvet cover?!
  • CecileH
    on Oct 7, 2017

    How big is the hole? If it is big enough that you can get a finger in the hole you can go to store that sells leather for craft projects and use a leather glue to fix it. Leather glue is a two application process, you put it on the piece you are gluing onto and the piece you need to fix. Find something approximately the size of the hole and make a slight indentation onto the piece you will glue onto the futon. Using low tack masking tape (painters tape) , cover this area to protect it from getting glue on it. Using an old brush or a cheap craft brush apply the glue around the outside of the edge of the indentation. Carefully lift the area of the futon that has the hole, you may need to use a safety pin to hook under the hole and lift it, apply the glue to the underside (inside) of the leather. Rolling the piece just enough to insert it into the hole (still using a safety pin to hold the hole away from the cushion area but not too far up that you lose the piece you are slipping in) position it under the hole using the cushion to place it against. Align the masking tape with the hole and push the two pieces together. You may want to weigh down the area with a soup can or something with a bit of weight. Peel off the masking tape and you should have a solid patch! Now if you can't find a piece of leather the same colour and the back of the futon is usually against the wall or the underside of the futon mattress is leather you can make a patch that won't be seen by anyone by cutting a piece from one of those areas and using a different piece of leather to fix where you borrowed the piece from. Just a tip, if you have to use it from the back, do it near the bottom edge then patch it, but find a really neat heavy woven webbing that is a classic print like the Greek Key type design and attach it across the whole back along the bottom so it looks like it was suppose to be there all along-no one will know you borrowed the leather from that area and you will have added your own spin on a commercially produced piece of furniture!
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