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Asked on Oct 6, 2017

Can you re-surface your own bath tub?

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  • 27524803
    on Oct 6, 2017

    Depends on your skill level and the quality of the results you want... the professionals have all of the knowledge and equipment need to do the job for the long term
  • Sure, they sell kits at home improvement stores. Depending on type of tub, you can also have professionally reglazed. I have done a number of tubs that way.
  • Sono Arima
    on Oct 6, 2017

    There are numerous youtube clips on how to do this, however, I have no faith in the process having bathed in too many tubs that have undergone this process, I would either look into having it professionally resurfaced with some sort of heat process, costly, but better than looking at streaked brush strokes or bubbling paint while soaking in your bubble bath.
  • Michele Pappagallo
    on Oct 6, 2017

    Most home centers sell DIY kits for this, so it is possible. I have not had any experience with doing this, but if you are not fairly handy, I would recommend contacting a professional for advice.
  • Catherine Anspaugh
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Sure. They sell kits at the hardware store.
  • Bar25636842
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Been there, done that! Get it done by the pros! We did our tub twice and it peeled!Even if you do a great job applying the epoxy, dropping something in the tub will put a hole in the finish. Over time, water gets underneath the coating and it will peel off. First time we did it, we bought the middle priced kit. The second time we bought the most expensive one. Same results-peeling! Good luck!
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