Asked on Oct 7, 2017

How do you get rid of black poplars.They are sending suckers all over.

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAKattywhampusLOL


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  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Oh Boy, Deanna Dostaler! You need to take care of those little suckers pronto!Here is a link that will tell you what you need to do:
    Then there is a conversation I had read at an aroborists site and it was a response TO wilbit FROM dingeryote, Blueberry Baron, from Jan 1, 2009:
    " wilbilt,
    When you cut the poplar, paint the stumps with 2-4-D or "Crossbow".
    Crossbow is 2-4-D based with other herbicides for a broad spectrum of woody plants. The stuff is evil on brush, broadleaves, vines, and most trees.
    Plain old 2-4-D can be bought at farm and fleet or TSC without a Lisc. for homeowner use in most states, and is pretty herbicides go.
    It will not kill grass, but will flat out kill just about all else. It's the primary ingredient in weed&feed and other broad leaf mixes.
    It's the cheaper route. A gallon of 49% will run about 20 bucks normally.
    Just cut the suckers and paint the stuff on straight, spring through early fall.
    Paint the stumps after cutting. Just remember that Poplars root together and if you spritz one stump, they all get slimed through the roots.
    The stuff works on the outside of the root tissues, so be carefull around woody desireables in close proximity, and mind the wind direction if you spray. One errant whiff will travel 30' and wipe out morning glories...don't ask how I know.
    Follow ALL application precautions, wear safty glasses, rubber gloves, long sleeves, and wash the stuff off asap if you get it on your skin.
    Follow label rates as always.
    If you apply in the spring, one thing I learned was to re-apply a week later and mix 50-50 with diesel as a sticker. If applied in the fall, time application with the roots drawing sap.
    Good luck!
    Dingeryote "
    And here is where I conclude the material I have for you on how to get rid of black poplars. I join dingeryote's sentiment by wishing YOU good luck, and thanking you for asking HOMETALK for help in getting rid of the forest so you can see the trees ;)
  • As long as no other plants are involved you can cut down to ground level and repeatedly drown in vinegar.
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