Asked on Oct 7, 2017

How to remove tree stumps?



I just had 18 huge pines removed and don't have money to remove the stumps. Got any ideas on stump removal that works and is cheap?

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 7, 2017

    drill holes in them and use stump to,rock salt,or epsom salt
  • Gary B
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Cheapest way is termites, might take a while but they do all the work. Next up is to drill several holes at a diagonal into the stump, pour diesel into the holes, let it sit a while then burn em out. If you can't do that then there are some products called Stumpaway and such, chemicals that aid in rotting, potassium nitrate $3.50/lb
  • Michele Pappagallo
    on Oct 7, 2017

    You can drill holes in the stumps a few inches deep, then fill the holes with lye. Pour a bit of water onto the lye. Allow this to sit. Refill the holes after a rainstorm. Keep doing this over and over. It takes a long time (several months), but it will eventually break the stump down enough that it can be chopped up and dug out. Please keep in mind this is NOT SAFE if you have pets or children in the yard.
  • Linda Sikut
    on Oct 7, 2017

    This article goes through the many ways to remove a tree stump, starting with actually removing the tree. However the main focus of the article is to remove to stump so keep scrolling down until you find that section. There are several ways listed.

    Hope you can find some help in this article.
  • 27524803
    on Oct 7, 2017

    I had one friend who said he removed a stubborn stump by pouring muratic (sp) acid, like you wash pools down with, around the base of the stump . He also said he drilled some big holes in the flat top and put the acid in there too... eventually the stump just came apart even down to the roots around the base. If you try this wear skin and eye protection... and keep kids and pets away from the area. Neutralize the area with vinegar and soda.
  • William
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Drill holes into the stumps at an angle and pour in some rock salt. The salt will draw the moisture out and dry them out.
  • DesertRose
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Drill holes in the stumps with 1" drill bit and fill them with Epsom salts. After a while they will be easy to remove. This is slower (you do have to wait for the stump to rot) but it is cheaper and sure.
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