How to clean a glass door in the shower?

I just bought the house and the glass door in the shower is quite ugly. I have tried different cleaning products, even vinegar and bleach. The glass is tinted but from inside you can clearly see that it has a layer of old dry soap.
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  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 07, 2014
    use vinegar to clean it and then a static free dryer sheet to dry it. if they are really bad, sprinkle some backing soda and then vinegar and let it react for a while and THEN dry with a dryer sheet. NEVER mix clorox with any other cleaning product. But the vinegar and soda should work, you can try some salt and vinegar also especially if you have chrome… it cleaned the copper on the bottom of my copper pans in a minute the other day… Good Luck.
  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 07, 2014
    A wet Mr Clean magic eraser sponge is amazing for that !
  • Ana Baameiro Ana Baameiro on Mar 07, 2014
    I´ll try to see if there´s sth similar in my country (Uruguay). Thanks!!!
  • Cindy Richmond Cindy Richmond on Mar 07, 2014
    Sometimes the glass becomes 'etched' (scratched) and the only solution is to replace it:( You might try 'oiling' it (with baby oil or ?) to see if it helps improve the appearance, however the oil would need to be reapplied on a regular basis. It would also help prevent further scum build up. Good luck.
  • Aleasa Bondy Aleasa Bondy on Mar 07, 2014
    try acetone, clean 1st than wipe down with acetone. you can get 100%acetone in the nail polish remover area. Get the one that removes artificial nails, work great. I use it on mine takes all the gunk off.
  • Megan Hantz Megan Hantz on Mar 08, 2014
    I work and clean for a professional all-natural maid service. If there is "hyroshield" on the glass door you want to stay away from acetone and anything to abrasive because it will damage it. (I would assume your's doesn't if it's not a *new* shower door.) To remove soap scum, I would recommend using a baking soda soft scrub (like Maid Naturally's soft scrub) on the abrasive side of a wet sponge and soft scrub it off. If it is very thick, then a handheld razor blade (with holder) will scrape off the build up. Fine '0000' steel wool will remove the remainder too without scratching the door. Finish cleaning the glass with MaidNaturally's glass cleaner, or a solution of vinegar water. For CALCIUM, or hard water build up, A razor blade and steel wool (0000) with remove it. Then the vinegar in the cleaner will also help to break down the calcium. Vinegar will also kill mold & fungus. Lavender essential oils will also kill mold and keep it from coming back. Maid Naturally's "Paris" is good for that to shine up the faucets, clean & shine tiles, and spray in the grout. Remember while vinegar kills mold and fungus, Bleach will kill mold, but FEED fungus! Not to mention the health hazards while you are trying to scrub in an enclosed space!!! Good luck! :)
  • Ana Baameiro Ana Baameiro on Mar 08, 2014
    Hello Megan. I had already used steel wool, and vinegar, as independent procedures. This morning I tried the process suggested by Lynn, but I will insist tomorrow again with a paste formed by the vinegar and the baking soda, and then I will finish the process with steel wool. It looks better, so I´ll keep trying. Thanks to all of you, for your suggestions!!!! :-)
  • Marie R Marie R on Mar 09, 2014
    I always just swiped mine with lemon oil. Smells good and it looked great!
  • Ana Baameiro Ana Baameiro on Mar 14, 2014
    Lemmon!!! it´s fantastic!!! I love lemmon!!! Thanks to all the suggestions. I´ll keep them in mind, just in case. The door is much better now, it looks clean!!!! thanks again, and happy weekend!!!!!!!!
  • Jo Ann Miller Jo Ann Miller on Feb 07, 2015
    Try a baking soda paste.
  • Donna Schafer Donna Schafer on Aug 23, 2015
    Use Mr. Clean magic erasers