Does anyone know what this is?

This plant grew from no where, it was probably 5 foot tall and had the flowers in multi colors all over, very thick stalks, and was a liter green in color.
does anyone know what this is, flowers, gardening, The colors ranged from this to lite purples etc
The colors ranged from this to lite purples etc,
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  • Susie Becony Susie Becony on Mar 07, 2014
    Looks like a variety of Zinnia to me...
  • Lorie Pattison Lorie Pattison on Mar 07, 2014
    def a zinnia
  • Dawn M Orcutt Dawn M Orcutt on Mar 07, 2014
    Was I right to cut the stalks down. I'm in mi lots of snow. I also saved the flowers with the pod of seeds. I don't know where it c a me from as I didn't plant it.
  • Carla Larson Carla Larson on Mar 07, 2014
    Lucky you, a bird may have left it for you in it's droppings or the wind blew it in. I too think it is a Zinnia of some sort, if 5 foot tall must be a hybred. I think they are annuals (someone correct me if wrong) but you may have some luck with the seeds..I would plant a few inside to see if they grow and then transplant when the weather is nice..good luck
  • Sgmclawhorn Sgmclawhorn on Mar 08, 2014
    dahlia from Roberta's are very tall this this..check it out on qvc
  • Marilee H Marilee H on Mar 08, 2014
    I would say Zinnia too, except I've never seen a 5 foot tall Zinnia.
  • Becky Presko Becky Presko on Mar 09, 2014
    That reminded me that my mother grew HUGE Zinnias like that! She always saved the seeds and used them year after year. Thanks for the memory.
  • Susan Davis Susan Davis on Mar 09, 2014
    It is def a Zinnia and they are annual , they re- seed themselves , but wise to collect seeds from them in case you have ones with unique colors you would like to propagate . They can grow very tall, I had some that topped over 5 ft.
  • Jay Jay on Mar 09, 2014
  • Rama Tyagi Rama Tyagi on Mar 09, 2014
    I t is zinnia from the look of leaves
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 09, 2014
    I do love Zinas! They are hardy, colorful and the more of them you cut for taking inside, the more you have. The one thing about these is that they make beautiful accents inside! I think I am going to plant some this summer! (Along with some things that can be eaten!)
  • Dawn M Orcutt Dawn M Orcutt on Mar 09, 2014
    Thank you so much everyone!!!! I am so excited to see if it comes back again, I will plant the seeds in a lot of other places also. That part of my little flower bed is the weirdest, I have ever seen, flowers that are not supposed to grow back do, things appear as in that plant. What was very weird as there was a few of them growing and I pulled them all out thinking they were weeds, in the spring of last year. Because I had planted so much stuff, and I knew I didn't plant those. I bet there was 10 in the area, that were probably about 4-5 inches, i was like dang But I left the one go, and it was so beautiful. I just don't know how to keep it standing straight up.
  • Dawn M Orcutt Dawn M Orcutt on Mar 09, 2014
    This is the plant in the beginning of July, and all the little flowers across the bottom (Blues, lite Blues, purples etc.) all came back from the yr before also. I had it happen for 2 yrs before, then had to plant and this was the 2nd yr again. I am not real familiar with flowers but I just plant what I like. LOL Here is the Zina 2 months later. It lasted till Nov, when the snow came.
    • Judy J Judy J on Mar 09, 2014
      @Dawn M Orcutt The blue looks like lobilea to me. I love zinnias.I plant lots for cut flowers all summer long. We still have snow but it is melting today.j
  • Marcia Espeland Marcia Espeland on Mar 09, 2014
    I would say it is an aster.
  • Demetria R Demetria R on Mar 09, 2014
    This really looks like a zinnia. Happy gardening.
  • Bren Haas Bren Haas on Mar 09, 2014
    Zinnia : < I love zinnias and they are easy to grow!
  • Jo Boudreaux Jo Boudreaux on Mar 09, 2014
    I grow Zinnia's and mine grow over 5 ft at times would love to have that color .. Send me some seeds LOL ..
    • Dawn M Orcutt Dawn M Orcutt on Mar 12, 2014
      @Jo Boudreaux is there a way to post private here? If so you can send me your address I would be happy to send you some.
  • Claudia Claudia on Mar 09, 2014
    Zinnias and Dalhias are quite much the same family of flowers. The 2 big differences are trhat Dalhias grow from tubers and zinnias grow from seeds, Dalhias are perennials and Zinnias are annuals. Both plants feature bold, bright-colored flowers and come in a variety of types ranging from single petal blooms surrounding a center to pompoms with multiple layers of petals. The flowers bloom all summer and last into fall until the first frost. All work well in cut flower arrangements. Dahlias plants can become quite large and often need to be staked for support. Zinnias have typically been used more as a border or bedding plant. Both are attractive to butterflies.
  • Diane Tuttle Diane Tuttle on Mar 09, 2014
    a zinnia South Carolina
  • Sue Kiene Sue Kiene on Apr 29, 2016
    it is beautiful, I have never seen a zinnia that tall