Asked on Oct 7, 2017

Oil heat has left black oily on walls. Should I wash? With what

EllisSharonSandra Allen


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  • Ken
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Oh my. This should not happen and I hope that you have had your heating system thoroughly checked and repaired. As for the walls, Mom's favorite, Murphy's Oil Soap will give you the best shot at removing the film.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Dish soap ?
  • Claude
    on Oct 7, 2017

    Call a fire cleanup co and ask them. Sometimes they can run an oxygen at or for a bit and then you can start the clean up. If it’s soot and you start cleaning it wrong you will have a costly mess.

  • Sandra Allen
    on Oct 7, 2017

    House painters us TSP for cleaning nicotine off the walls before they get to work. This should be all you need.

  • Sharon
    on Oct 7, 2017

    I would go to Dollar Tree and get Awesome Degreaser. But seriously, you need an HVAC guy to look at your heater..... you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning if your system is not sealed properly.
  • Ellis
    on Oct 9, 2017

    Did you have a "puff-back?" That is when your oil heater malfunctions, and causes the combustion products to enter the residence instead of going up the chimney. You have to have your furnace repaired, and a friend who had this happen had to have a fire restoration company clean the house's walls, ceilings, furniture, etc.
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