Asked on Oct 7, 2017

Liquid hand soap bottle with nozzle that functions

Jeanette WhittakerKathy A


Most bottles I have bought fail with the nozzle clogging. Suggestions appreciated.

2 answers
  • Kathy A
    on Oct 7, 2017

    When mine clogs, I run it under warm water, poke out the nozzle with a bobby pin. Taking the whole unit out and submerging it in warm/hot water and pumping till it works again helps, too.
  • Jeanette Whittaker
    on Oct 8, 2017

    When I'm doing dishes I will put the pumps to my hand soap bottles,and caps to dish soap bottle ,ketchup, mustard, jelly, etc. In my dish water and let them soak until I've finished my dishes. I then just rinse them well and return them to their bottles, because after soaking they just rinse clean.
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