Asked on Oct 8, 2017

Light fixture with broken glass shades

BarbCindyMary Shaddox


There are 4 white glass shades that hang down over 4 bulbs. They're held in place by screws.
Two of them are broken and I don't know how to replace them. I don't want to replace the whole light fixture, if possible.
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  • Fiddledd224
    on Oct 8, 2017

    You can buy replacement glass shades. I know because I did the same thing. One globe broke and I couldn't find the same one, so I replaced them all. You can match the hardware by taking it to the hardware store and showing them what you have and they can match that, as well.
  • Rose Broadway
    on Oct 8, 2017

    You will have to carefully unscrew them, then replace with a new glass shade. Careful not to get cut!
  • Karen Krysowaty
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Take one of the shades to a light store, not a home improvement store. They have tons of resources to help you. It took me 2 years to replace a piece on our chandelier until we found a small light store and Voila. they made it happen
  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Take an unbroken shade to the hardware store and try to match them. If you've got a Restore store in the area, they might have your shades.
  • Annette Moore
    on Oct 8, 2017

    I had the same problem. I went to my local Habitat For Humanity thrift store, and for $2 per shade my problem was solved. You might even find shades you like better than the originals.
  • Dee Flippo
    on Oct 8, 2017

  • Mary Shaddox
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Purchase all New replacements- not expensive, compared to new fixtures.
  • Cindy
    on Oct 8, 2017

    I think you should just replace them all. Home Depot or Menard's will have a selection of inexpensive choices.
  • Barb
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Thank you all so much ! I'll definitely try some of your suggestions !
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