Asked on Oct 8, 2017

I have 2 holes about 2 inches deep in bathroom floor. Can we fill it?

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  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Hello Riverunelvendale :) I am perplexed. How on earth did holes that deep get into the floor? Are they perfectly round holes and of what diameter or are they misshapen or bowl shaped? Are they completely through wood planks and into subfloor? Do you have pictures you can post so I, and other HOMETALK HELPERS have an image we can work with rather than groping in the dark? I cannot help but think perhaps you can make some sort of wooden or silicone plug that can fit into the hole and then you can surround it with a wood puttyand buff off the rough edges once it is dry, and stain the entire area to as closely match the color of your floor as possible, then seal it. I truly don't know what else I can offer but this. Hopefully someone else will read this and be able to come up with more help than this. Good Luck River :)
  • Sharon
    on Oct 8, 2017

    How big around are the holes, and what is the top surface? If their round I would suggest you take the diameter and go to hardware store or lumber yard and buy some dowel the same size, cut to depth needed minus the depth of whatever the top surface is (vinyl, tile etc.) coat in carpenter's glue and then pound in. Use a bit of the leftover to inset it to use a scrap of your vinyl or tile to cover the top surface.
    If its square, cut down a piece of 2x4 or 2x2, or 1x1" and use the same way.
  • Mum Vickery
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Without knowing specifics, I'm giving you some info about a product I've used to repair a tiled floor chipped and damaged by some of my tenants. It works for timber and tile, but you might need to address the depth of the holes as mentioned by others above, leaving enough depth for a good repair.
    The product is picobello and it's for tiles and timber. I will put in the link, but because I'm in Australia, it auto-converts to the Aussie site. I'm sure you can find it elsewhere online.
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